Friday, June 17, 2011

Around the lake

Dateline: Bernie: June 14, 2011
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After a light lunch snack (remember that tasty stuff? Mike's Hot Pepper Jelly from Pike Place) we decided to take a ride (a 30 mile ride, much of it a gravel road) around the lake stopping at places we thought interesting.

So off we venture down the North Shore Road along the Quinault River to Graves Creek Road to Graves Creek Nature Trail. We hiked the one mile trail after a lively discussion with Barry, the back country ranger. We saw some elk but the most interesting part was this sound we kept hearing but could never see what was making it. It sounded like an owl with five low "hoots" in a row. It seemed to be coming from all around us. Turns out Barry told us afterwards that it was the mating "call" of the ruffed grouse. It uses it's wings to make a "drumming" noise. We did end up seeing one crossing the road the next day.

And along the way this is what we saw:

Our trip back was down the South Shore Road where we saw more wildlife along with these wonderful waterfalls.

Including Bunch Falls that Chaz, Lizzie and Joey ventured up a bit.

One last stop on the loop back on North Shore Road was the Quinault Big Cedar Tree (advertised as the largest Cedar Tree in the world! Now that one would surely keep our Hedge from blowing over!).

Then back to the cabin for baked Mac and Cheese and beverages by the fire (and sleep).

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