Friday, June 17, 2011

Go fish

Dateline: Bernie: June 16, 2011
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Joey got me up early to go fishing (for our breakfast) down on Onion Rock.

What a glorious day!

Lake Quinault was a mirror reflecting the mountains across the lake and the sky.

Lizzie's father was kind enough to let us borrow his fishing rods and gear. Lucky he didn't know at the time what hacks we were. 

After a few casts I quickly tangled the line and then proceeded to get it the lure caught on the bottom (If you like seaweed for breakfast then I am your guy).

But it was a wonderful morning.

We settled in for sourdough bread, hot pepper jelly, peanut butter, cream cheese, Cheerios and Cherries for breakfast.

Some people slept in.

Then it was time to pack up and leave this beautiful place, Lochaerie.


Chris Iversen took a few parting shots of us in front of our cabin and with a view of the lake in the sunshine.

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