Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lake Crescent and back to Seattle

Dateline: Bernie: June 16, 2011
Note: To follow our Olympic Park adventure from beginning to end, choose Plans are made from the index at right.

We escaped the "Forks in the road" and journeyed on along Route 101.

Lake Crescent was truly amazing with with Storm King Mountain.

Then on to Port Angeles.

I would never get used to having those snow capped mountain looming on the horizon and the Sound too just there over your shoulder.

It was a blood red moon.

That led the way across the Hood Canal to Bainbridge Island and the ferry back to Seattle.


BONUS MATERIAL: Seattle: Drawing in Ravena Park
BONUS MATERIAL: Fremont Fair 2011: Naked Bikers
BONUS MATERIAL: Fremont Fair 2011: Solstice Parade
BONUS MATERIAL: Fremont Fair: At the Gas Works Park
BONUS MATERIAL: Fremont Fair: Art Fair
BONUS MATERIAL: The Locks: The Passage
BONUS MATERIAL: The Locks: The Fish Ladder

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