Friday, June 17, 2011

Bremerton Ferry to Lake Quinault, Olympic Park

Dateline: Bernie: June 14, 2011
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It was an enjoyable passage between Seattle and the Brementon. Bremerton is small city but home and deep water port to the US Navy.

It was really a beautiful ride (Route 3 to 101 to Route 8 to 101) down and across and up the Olympic Peninsula.

Scotch Broom (I want to take some home) was in bloom along the highway and up under the new growth (much better than battling the commuter traffic between Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia).

Every now and again we could catch a glimpse of the Olympic Range snowcapped in the distance.

The ride was a mix of small towns, forests and clearcut. Forest products are the large part of the local economy here.

These photos show clearcut through about twenty year growth.

Then we entered the National Park.

Untouched trees laden with moss making them look like they are wrapped in a mohair blanket.

Now the Olympics are looming there nearby. Their peaks in the clouds.

Lake Quinault and the mountains.

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