Friday, June 10, 2011

Chaz's graduation

Post: Bernie: June 10, 2011
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After what was the worst airline experience in my life. (what a comedy of errors, first we were told... "the plane is on the move". So what does that mean? Does that mean the plane is coming down the runway or just leaving Alaska? Then we were told that there is an "oil leak". Ok, do I really need to know that? "NO". Then that, "We have an out dated manual and they are looking for the right one in operations". Manual? You need to follow a manual to fly this thing? And why did you realize that just now! Then of course after all the delays the weather sets in and we are again delayed... Which wouldn't have happened if we had departed on time at 3:45 pm from JFK! And after a normal connecting flight from Bradley International Airport to JFK in New York City, we waited on the plane at the open gate for five hours for a flight that was supposed to arrive in Seattle at around 7 pm PST, we FINALLY got to Seattle at 3 am PST, Friday). We are here in Seattle for Chaz's graduation from the University of Washington as a Chemical Engineer.

Here are some photos of the graduation ceremony and the reception afterward including shots from a slide show (the Chaz Show) that was running.

Later we met back up with Chaz at Big Time Brewery a brew pub a couple of blocks from the apartment for a few beers. 

Lizzie and her Mom caught up with us there later.

Then Joey and I went off to the International District and found a Chinese restaurant (Harbor City) with a lot of Asian patrons (we thought that was a good sign). And we were right! We had a Chow Fun dish (sort of a mild version of Singapore Noodle) an Oyster Hot Pot (sort of a stew served over an open flame burner). Both very tasty!

Later Joey and I walked some (actually we walked a far distance from the restaurant up the hills to the Capitol Hill area and then took a bus back to the apartment). It was a beautiful night.

Tomorrow the big show at UDUB Husky Stadium.


  1. Happy that I wasn't on the plane trip with you. It sure looks like you had a great time when you got there though. Aunt & Great Aunt Rosemary I am posting as Anonymous because they keep asking me for things I don't understand.

  2. I am the proudest Nan!!! Crying real tears that I couldn't be there with you. Love you much!!!


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